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My Latin dress: the leotard

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So following on from my posts about inspiration, design and colour schemes, I actually went and bought the first part of my latin dress! The underlying leotard. The Leotard:  This comes from american apparel and cost about £20 I think. I could have got it for much cheaper if I had gone for a white leotard, but initially I didn’t plan… Read more »


How-to guide: No Sew Chair feet covers

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Chair Feet Covers (aka Leprechaun feet) So we have a pair of rather comfortable high backed armchairs and we use them for most things, including our “dining” chairs for sitting at the dinner table. This means they get moved back and forward quite often and this has been wearing away our lovely wooden floorboards by the table *sadface* At this… Read more »


Preparing the vegetable beds!

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Preparing the vegetable beds…now this is unfortunately a necessary evil in order to give nice plants, but I’m sure my garden has got it in for me with this particular task. I decided we needed to clear out the back bed to get it ready for planting. It hadn’t really been used at all this year, so it was in… Read more »


Tv series

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Now I have to admit I can be a very bad student. I find it really hard to get in a totally focused state for revision, when I’m in one it’s great, but it’s rare. So I accompany my revision with watching tv programs… Usually I try a crime program, and I usually get rather addicted. In my second year… Read more »


Time flies

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Wow time really does fly by without you even realising it. These last few months have been a little bit crazy with University however I am now finished!! My last set of exams have come and gone and this month it will be time for my graduation. =)  I can’t wait to get to wear the robes and mortar board,… Read more »


My Latin Dress: Colour Schemes

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Well I talked about my inspiration in My Latin Dress: Inspiration and the proposed design in My Latin Dress: Design, so now I have to work on the colours I want, and how they work with the fabrics I’m looking for…  So I spent an awfully long time on different websites and ebay. The main ones I looked at were  DSI –… Read more »


My Latin Dress: Design

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Following on from my previous post Latin Dress: Inspiration I sat down and drew up a design for what I wanted my Latin dress to look like, what materials I might use and any additional features it might have. Since this is my first dancing dress I want it to be fairly simple and straightforward so there aren’t lots of crazy pattern… Read more »


My Latin Dress: Inspiration

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So I compete in Ballroom and Latin dancing with my university and in the competitions people wear some of the most amazing sparkly, fringed, sequinned outfits and with my love for these outfits and for sewing I’ve been wanting to make a dress for ages! So I finally decided I would just go ahead and do it, starting with a… Read more »