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Recent Pelican Adventures Part II

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Last Week I recapped some of my time onboard Pelican, this week I’m going to show you the rest of the interesting photos that I took onboard. I do have to admit that in almost 6 weeks that I was onboard I didn’t really take that many photos, I have quite a lot already so I only tend to take… Read more »

Recent Pelican Adventures Part I

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Since I spend so much of my year on the Pelican I thought that I should show you some of the things that go on onboard. Warning this is going to be a photo heavy post and does not describe a typical trip :p When I joined this time the ship had just got back from the Tall Ships Races… Read more »

Sunday Sevens #20

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Here is this weeks Sunday Sevens from Natalie at Thread and Bobbins, This is the second week that I have been on the Pelican and things are still running at a ridiculous pace! There is soo much that needs to be sorted and not enough hours in the days! Well this week has been an entirely frustrating one.. We sailed… Read more »

A Photo a Day in April, Pippa’s attempt to date…

You may have noticed that I haven’t been around for the last week. As I said in my Plans Change post I have been off sailing, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to upload many pictures to Facebook as I had planned so I was much more out of contact than I thought I would be. Some times it is very… Read more »