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#StitchingSanta Reveal – Nikki

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So this year I took part for the first time in the #StitchingSanta organised by the wonderful Sheila at sewchet, pippa had done this last year and was doing both the sewing and the knitting swaps, but I opted just to do the sewing swap. Maybe if I get some more knitting done I might try a knitting swap in… Read more »

Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017!

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So the end of 2016 has come around quickly! Some would probably say it hasn’t come around quickly enough and they are happy to see the end of 2016, and although 2016 has has its bad moments, and let’s be honest, there have been a number… it has still had a large number of excellent moments. We just wanted to… Read more »

The #StitchingSanta I sent out

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So you have already seen the wonderful presents that I received from my Stitching Santa buddies and Becki from Dartmoor Yarns showed you what I sent her, but my other present hasn’t been blogged about and just on the off chance you have all been there waiting on tenterhooks so see what goodies I sent out I thought I would… Read more »

#StitchingSanta Knitting Version

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#Stitching Santa Knitting

In addition to the Sewing Stitching Santa I also entered the Knitting one, and I’m glad I did because making things for Becki at Dartmoor Yarns was such fun, I loved looking through her blog and finding a new blog to follow 🙂 I had a great time opening the present that I received for my knitting parcel, the outside… Read more »

#StitchingSanta Sewing Version

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#stitchingSanta Sewing

On Christmas day we always have stockings hung up over the fireplace which we get small Santa gifts in. We open them when we have put the turkey in the oven and settled down before anything else happens. This year I got to add two #StitchingSanta presents to the mix, I gave one to Nikki to open as she had… Read more »

Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas everyone. Our tradition is to spend Christmas at my parents house but this year the holiday period started differently to normal, Nikki and I had our normal Mince Pies and Mulled Wine event at our house for our Uni friends then Christmas Dinner at our house only serving 10 people this time (as opposed to our normal 12!)…. Read more »

Christmas Craft Swap

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So I decided to join in in a swap for the first time (wish me luck) called #stitchingsanta from Sewchet. There was a knitting and a sewing section and I entered both of them… Go Me! I just need to work out what to actually make for them now, thankfully both people I got have blogs but post sporadically so… Read more »