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Pearl Jewellery Tutorial

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I really like the look of pearl jewellery but in the shops it’s always so expensive. We managed to find some pearl beads online which were very good value so we bought some in order to make our own Bracelets. Pippa had previously made me a pearl necklace with similar beads which I wear quite often on nights out and… Read more »

Charity Shop Haul {Jewellery}

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I showed you this bag of Jewellery on Monday from a recent trip around the charity shops. Once I went through the bag it was obvious there was a LOT of bits in there, some more impressive than others.  Well here is a run down of what was inside and some thoughts on what I am going to do with… Read more »

Jewellery Holder How To.

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Edit: Unfortunately all the images seem to have disappeared from this post. I will try to find them again if I can. Here is the tutorial on how to make a jewellery holder like the one I made last week and use to photograph my new items.  I made this with an unused IKEA photo frame but you could use… Read more »