Sunday sevens #19

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This weeks Sunday sevens are being posted from my phone whilst sitting on the end of a pontoon in the industrial side of Southampton.

This week I have been back on pelican work a voyage of young kids from NCS west/ young Gloucestershire.

Ts pelican March 2015
The RNLI came to say hi when they were out training and we were moored in Swanage bay.

Ts pelican March 2015
More fun with RNLI gear.

Ts pelican March 2015
When we left Swanage for Weymouth we got some of the trainees to help get the sails ready.


Ts pelican March 2015

Ts pelican March 2015

Some lovely sunsets at anchor in Weymouth bay


Ts pelican March 2015
The ship on her way back into Weymouth on the last day of the voyage.


Pelican March 2016
Me (Bosun) and my Bosun’s mate in the rib waiting to help the ship alongside.


Ts pelican March 2015
A bit of sunshine on the way from Weymouth to the refit yard in Hythe, Southampton.


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